The Collaborative Orchestra

The Collaborative Orchestra is a diverse, ambitious amateur orchestra rehearsing, performing and recording in and around London.

There are a number of ways you can get actively involved with The Collaborative Orchestra. Whether you’re a performing artist in need or orchestral accompaniment, a composer wishing to have your music performed, or a skilled musician, we are here for you.

For performing artists: we can provide a wide variety of orchestral accompaniment, from a string quartet to a full orchestra with choir! In addition to the London area, we’ve performed in Manchester and Birmingham, and we are actively discussing international opportunities. Drop us a line and let’s talk!

For composers: We want to stop you having to record MIDI files to showcase your talent. Nothing beats having your music interpreted by real, live instrumentalists. We want to hear from you and give an affordable voice to your work.

For fellow musicians: We are here to provide more opportunities to perform both standard symphonic and out-of-the-ordinary repertoire. Our membership is diverse and we perform to the highest standard, we support each other in getting to that standard, and we work to get more of us performing more often. You can get involved by applying for vacancies that are posted on this site, or simply by emailing us at — even if no specific vacancies are listed, we want to increase our pool of players for extras, deputies and future programming.

Who to contact

07575 888 354

Where to go

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