Community Advice and Support Scheme (CASS)

Our aims and objectives can broadly be placed within the following services outlined below.

Information and Advice:
General, disability issues, sign posting where we cannot help. (Currently limited service)

Volunteers, disability awareness, equality, etc.

Buy in or consult experts to deliver services etc.

Welfare Right Work:
Advice and support with benefits issues and applications. (Currently Limited Service)

Undertake detailed case work where we can. (To fill forms or give assistance to those who are home bound or for other reasons cannot come to us)

Lobby / Dialogue:
Contribute on public issues / educate and inform our members and clients about new developments that affect their lives.

Recruit, train, support, supervise and work with volunteers to provide services to our members and clients.

Practical Assistance for Disabled, Elderly and those with Long Term Illness:
At home, with help in the house, gardening, handy work - painting and decorating, minor repairs of electrical, plumbing, furniture, etc.

Visit individuals and organizations to offer support with our expertise in their homes or centres.

Work training support for job search / placements:
Help out with employment / job seeking.

To re-use unwanted household / office items / furniture to be able to help our members, clients and other organizations who are in need.

We assist our clients to identify, apply for grants designed for individual disabled or vulnerable people, receive those on their behalf, pass it on or utilize it as directed by the grant making body. Such grants have gone to help our clients buy equipment or other services they need to live in the community or for repairs and to maintain their quality of life.

Who to contact

020 3538 4418

Where to go

Venue address
15 Selby Street
E1 5BX

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Address: 15  Selby Street  London