The Royal London Hospital Museum

The Museum is in three sections: the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

The 18th century section features an overview, together with specific subsections on the foundation of the voluntary hospital, benefactors, medical education and health in the 18th century. Among the original material displayed are the hospital charter of 1758, a drawing given by the artist William Hogarth in 1744 and the operation bell of 1792.

The 19th century section features an overview, together with subsections on surgery before antisepsis (including instruments belonging to hospital surgeon Sir William Blizard), nursing and Florence Nightingale, hospital expansion, hospital matron Eva Luckes, Dr Barnardo, Frederick Treves and the Elephant Man and Victorian doctors. Objects on show include a replica of a hat and veil worn by Joseph Merrick and documents relating to his residence at the hospital, contemporary surgical instruments and medical equipment.

The 20th century section features subsections on children and health, x-rays, the First and Second World Wars, Nurse Edith Cavell Nurse Edith Cavell, hospital Chairman Lord Knutsford, cardiology, blood transfusion, obstetrics and the National Health Service. Visitors can see an x-ray machine from the 1930’s and a carbon arc lamp used to give ultra violet light treatment to King George V in 1928. A changing display sponsored by the late Dr Mona Grey (1910 - 2009), first recipient of the Royal College of Nursling's lifetime achievement award, celebrating nurses who have made a difference. The museum welcomes suggestions of nurses, past and present to include in the gallery - please contact the Archivist with your suggestions.

There are special sections on hospital uniform (usually four uniforms are on show), forensic medicine (including material on the Jack the Ripper murders) and dentistry (including a denture made for George Washington). The picture below shows an old post mortem set.


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Address: The Royal London Hospital Museum, St Philip's Church  Newark Street  London