KO Muay Thai

Classes take place at the KO Muay Thai Gym which is open 10am to 10pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday.

Intro Level classes are for complete beginners to Muay Thai, you may be completely unfit. We take you through the basics of Muay Thai concentrating on shape and balance, teaching you the basic strikes using elbows, knees, hands and kicks.

General Level - having moved up from the Intro level or having Muay Thai experience in another club you will now be in the General level. We introduce more complex combinations on the pads and technical work introduces the clinch and elbow techniques. In the general level you can start sparring for competition or technical competence.

Intermediate and Fighters Level - for advanced and experienced people who train and fight Muay Thai.

No need to book, just turn up. You need to wear loose fitting clothes, no kit required at first, you can borrow equipment at the gym. If you have not been to a Thai Boxing class before you must go to an Intro Class.

Who to contact

020 7265 9693

Where to go

Name of venue
KO Muay Thai Gym
Venue address
186 The Arches
Bancroft Road
Bethnal Green
E1 4ET

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Address: 186 The Arches  Bancroft Road  Bethnal Green