Seeds for Growth

Seeds for Growth is a charity which runs healthy eating programmes and supports local people to start their own community business.

Created in 2006, Seeds for Growth is a charity that aims to advance the education of those from disadvantaged communities by addressing their cultural, social, economic and health conditions.

Seeds for Growth has recently expanded its remit by hosting a new management team specialising in devising arts and technology education programmes, within the Criminal Justice Sector and other challenging settings.

Benefiting from a legacy and assets created by arts and social inclusion organisations, Escape Artists and Insight Arts, the Seeds for Growth team have contributed to a number of UK and EU funded projects, having produced arts festivals, theatre productions, exhibitions, conferences on social inclusion as well as developing websites and networks since 1998.



Who to contact

077707 52250

Where to go

Venue address
128 Cannon Workshops
Cannon Drive
E14 4AS

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Address: 128  Cannon Workshops  Cannon Drive  London