Independent Travel Training for Students with Special Educational Needs

The Tower Hamlets Independent Travel Training (ITT) programme is an innovative project that provides intensive training and support for students in the borough with SEN, to enable them to achieve a higher degree of personal freedom, confidence and independence. The outcome for students undertaking the training is that they will be able to travel to school / college independently by either walking or using public transport. However, it is accepted that this
may not be realistic for some students, in these circumstances realistic goals will be set to ensure that there are positive outcomes and a sense of achievement for all students. ITT welcome referrals from primary schools and secondary schools where a student does not currently use home to school transport but may need Independent Travel Training to enable them to undertake the journey to their new secondary school or college.

Who to contact

020 7364 0818

Where to go

Name of venue
4th Floor, Mulberry Place
Venue address
5 Clove Crescent
E14 2BG

Journey Planner

Address: 5 Clove Crescent  London